Earthquakes in divers places..Always be ready!


We have not been wrong yet.

we warned continuously for the last few years that the UK would start seeing larger earthquakes as the magma arms reach the Atlantic ridge and today GFS model registered 5.8 in wales then instantly downgraded- as always.

Atlantic ridge is something we have spoken of for many years and now absolutely everything we warned about is coming true.

‘’From Feb 22nd to the 27th and From March 4th to the 7th is the next critical time frame’’

We ran our data which shows me that at least one or two high 7 magnitude earthquakes are EXPECTED, but it could also go easily over magnitude 8 or even 9, depending on the condition of Earth’s crust and an area due or over due for a mega thrust February 21 and again on February 25, making the time-frame from the 21st to the 27th highly critical.’’

‘’March 4th to the 7th highly critical dates’’

‘’prepare for at least 2 major 7 mags if not 8 to 9 mags’’

‘’areas to be on the alert is Madrid and entire west coast, Canada down to southern Cal.’’

‘’Iran 7 mag is possible’’

‘’Japan to Taiwan, China, Tonga, Indonesia all the way down to New Zealand as well as south America Mexico all
fall within the possible strike areas of a 7mag or greater again there is no possible way to say a place will or will not get a mega thrust quake’’

‘’hopefully events leading up to it will be a precursor to a larger event, again..this is not written in stone but very possible’’

‘’eyes open be prepared, North American plates are under tremendous pressure, we know this by 2 factors -1.hasn’t been a release of pressure via quake of greater magnitude of a 6m or eruption and 2.the recent Caribbean plate movement’’

‘’A rare M4.9 earthquake struck Wales, UK today, which is a rare event for the area. It follows on a rare M4.7 in France and a M4.0 in the Pyrenees several days ago.’’

‘’Pressure from the Atlantic ridge is building and the most dangerous area in Western Europe is a subduction zone off the coast of Portugal, which seems overdue’’

‘’be on alert after the M7.2 yesterday along the Cocos plate, North America should also be on watch in one of the next critical time-frames.’’ Mark Elkin

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